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Time and tide wait for no man. And we keep up with time. And so does the “Roulette”, as we called our established main house. “Old” is only the building, inside you will find lots of innovations: newly-arranged rooms, new materials, new design. And a lot of comfort: free Wi-Fi, LCD flat screen TVs and rooms that invite you to stay.

Zimmer Roulette

Comfort on 40 m². More than only one night in modern ambiance. Watching a little TV before going to bed? No problem with satellite TV and flat screen TV. Checking e-mails? Of course - thanks to free Wi-Fi. And for the rest? Relaxing, enjoying and feeling good!

Warm tones, classy materials, modern forms and space for four people – a room that is a junior suite for more - in every sense: more comfort, more relaxation, more finding oneself, more balance ... simply: more joy of living!

A junior suite to relax, whether in the cosy double bed or on the extendable couch. And then immerse into the dignified but modern ambiance, watching attentively the motifs of Velden on the walls – arranged in a new technique – and thinking about what that day could bring...


Baccara, that’s the name of the new building, whose clear architecture forms a harmonious entity with the existing building. And the rooms at Baccara? – Well, new room, new luck, we could say! Because each of the 18 new rooms is unique, designed by Walter Hösel, with lots of small surprises. Artemis – would you know what it is about? Or do you prefer Blue Moon? Or would you even dare to stay in Big Apple! – Let’s see...

 Click here and enjoy our 360° Panoramas from our house.


When the goddess goes hunting, she doesn’t come back empty-handed. We inherited a little bit of that: witnesses of great times ... antlers of erstwhile winners ... memories of our future. And Artemis, the goddess of the Hunt, today appears merciful – and leaves behind blazing impressions of her art.



The moon isn’t blue, shouldn’t he? The sea is not yellow, shouldn’t it bloom? The night is not white, but why not? The world is not pink, shouldn’t it? But a smile betrays ... in every face ... for better or worse ... don’t worry.



Wiki about Kiki: “Kiki Kogelnik, born January 22, 1935 in Bleiburg, Carinthia; died February 1, 1997 in Vienna, Austrian artist; went to New York in 1961, acquaintance with Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg and Roy Lichtenstein. Since 1990 she lived by turns in New York, Vienna and Bleiburg. In all places she had an atelier.” Any further questions?



Wood – just knocking on it is not enough. It won’t forgive that. Because wood is alive. And every living being has feelings. And so it strikes roots, lets us shape it and gives us warmth, closeness, security ... and nature! When we will be gone, it will still be there. But till then ... let us live with your force!



5 to 12 ... in this honourable house ... where the light was still shining on the sidewalk ... the Greek wine was not consumed for a long time yet ... and Jenny said: another cream-meringue would be a good idea ... but then, then the night comes down slowly, Senorita ... and I just say, give her my regards



The number thirteen is considered lucky by many people. But why? – We don’t know. But it’s certain: the number thirteen brings as much or as less luck as any other number. Because at the gambling table all numbers are equal. What counts is the moment ... the lucky moment ... and that is easily extendable on 502.



“You, oh you, beloved of my twenty-seven senses, I love ya! - You thine thou yours, I you, you me. - Us? This (incidentally) does not belong here. Who are you, countless woman? You are - are you? - People say you are - let them say it, they don't know where the steeple is. You wear a hat on your feet and stand on your hands, on your hands you walk...” Kurt Schwitters, An Anna Blume (engl. translation: To Eve Blossom)



Something fits somehow. What fits somehow? Together something fits somehow. Is there something that fits together somehow? Somehow something fits. ... Something fits somehow. What together fits somehow. Together ... somehow ... something fits? Somehow ... it fits!



Show me how you live and I’ll tell you who ... No! Who wants to always see the same reflection of oneself? Don’t we all want to run riot sometimes – and maybe it’s there – where we can see our reflection? The rays of our existence will break in the reflection of our own world and will show us the right way.



... and Lady Liberty said: “Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.“ She still does. The rest is a legend. But we should add two lines: “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere. It’s up to you, New York, New York!”



When a lot of china is broken, when everything goes to pieces, when you behave like a bull in a china shop, when it’s all gone to pot, when everything breaks up ... then ...we just stick it on the wall. Because broken crockery brings...



Do you know Sam? Sam, that’s the guy with the pipe. And with the brush in his hand. And the fine blade. Think big? – That’s not Sam’s style. Because Sam works with great sensitiveness. Still no idea who’s Sam? Not at all – Sam, that’s the guy with the pipe. And with the brush in...



The most important decisions are made on the golf course, they say. Will be true, or not? Yesterday - discussions on the green, today - projections in all details. And the conversation can go on. Until darkness will come and the cup starts telling about the most beautiful victories. At the bargaining table – or at the green lawn.


“Come on, I’ll show you a place to play”, says the white bear. “With a bed, as cosy as thousand down feathers. And a floor, as cushy as the warmest winter pullover. – Do we want to feel good?” There was no need to tell it twice. Before we could say knife, we were immerged...


Like in seventh heaven ... walking on air ... feeling just like heaven ... The seventh heaven has much going for it. It´s a place like no other. No, it is the place of our dreams, of our longing. And somewhere there are you, on cloud number nine. And I notice ... this is just a stone’s throw away from here.


A highlighter as big as a wall. A post-it that is its own message. A cornfield that sinks in its own colours. A cold lager that overwhelms the room. A sun that shines also at night. A traffic light that never turns on red.



Ebony and ivory – are they opposites? Or doesn’t one unveil the other? Is something black on white background not also something white on black background? Let’s leave it at that and enjoy the coexistence - with all contrasts.



Reportedly there exists an albino of all species, a totally white being. White tigers, white peacocks, white cats, white ducks ... A room as a freak of nature ... everything’s white, everything’s clean, everything’s immaculate ... a sea of white ... White Room ... maybe the most beautiful place after “Fete Blanche”, the white night ...

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